Terms and conditions of use


“Agreement” means this agreement including all subsequent amendments. “IO”, “we”, “us” or “our” means Information Online Solutions and includes any person to whom it has assigned rights under this agreement. “buyer”, "customer" or "purchaser" “you”, “your” or “their” means a User and/or any other person or entity who is buying goods and/or services and using the Services to store Information on our website. “Customer Service” is Information Online Solutions customer support, information on which can be found on the "Contact Us" page . “Information” means any confidential and/or personally identifiable information or other information related to an Account or customer, including but not limited to the following: name, email address, post/shipping address, phone numbers and medical information. "Major service outage", "service outage", "service failure" or "major outage" or similar means a period when the service is not functional. "method of access" means the method a person needs to use to access a customer’s information, such as reading an NFC chip with a compatible NFC enabled device "Service" or “Services” means all products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered by Information Online Solutions and its related sites, applications, and services. "Information Online Solutions products” means products that have an NFC chip embedded or adhered to them so that they may read using a compatible NFC enabled device “Policy” or “Policies” means any Policy or other agreement between you and IO Solutions that you entered into on the website(s), or in connection with your use of the Services. "Profile” means a collection of Personal Information submitted by a customer or their relative on a customer’s behalf. “EIO website(s)” or "website" or "website(s)" means www.eiocard.com, that we use to provide the Services to you.

Purchasers of products and services agree to the following:

  • To allow for the fastest possible access to customer’s information by emergency services, paramedics or the first person on scene in the event of an emergency, customer profiles are not locked by a password therefore it is not impossible for a customer’s page to be accessed accidentally.
  • Customers understand that their information is not stored on the NFC chip but in a database stored in a secure data centre.
  • Customers shall submit information using the relevant form provided for the Service being used at www.eiocard.com
  • Customers shall supply a valid and functioning email address as part of their Information submission.
  • Your email address will not be shared with any third parties and will used by us for the purposes of service activation notifications plus other notifications relating to the service such as outages, policy updates, updates to terms and conditions.
  • Information provided by our customers in the data collection form at www.eiocard.com is classified as confidential and as such will not be shared with third parties.
  • Information Online Solutions accepts no responsibility for the omission or inclusion of incorrect Information or any consequences whatsoever resulting from the same, including any damages, personal injury or death.
  • Customers must ensure therefore in the event of any changes to their medication or medical history, they update their profile on the EIO website.
  • Customers accept full and absolute responsibility for satisfying themselves that their Information remains accurate, up to date and comprehensible and that their information is displayed using the appropriate method of access.We strongly encourage regular checking of the correct functioning of your product and service.
  • Information Online Solutions cannot be held responsible for any damage to the NFC chip once it has been received by and is in use by the customer.
  • Information Online Solutions cannot be held responsible for the apparent failure of any device whatsoever to read the information on the NFC chip. Information Online Solutions cannot be held liable for any circumstances whatsoever resulting from any device not being able to read the NFC chip or access your information.
  • Information Online Solutions cannot be held liable for any circumstances whatsoever resulting from the service not working as intended due to any inaccuracies or discrepancies or a technical failure of any third party's product or service including our supplier's or human error by employees of us or our suppliers or an act of God or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Information Online Solutions will not alter information provided by customers at www.eiocard.com under any circumstances.
  • Information Online Solutions will not be liable for any failure whatsoever of technology provided by any third party including but not limited to the Internet, the equipment such as servers and any telecommunications connections and equipment, telecommunications companies equipment such as data centres, lines servers and the like.
  • By using EIO products, customers acknowledge that not all devices carrying an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip are able to access the information. Typically, whilst Android, Windows and Blackberry devices carrying NFC chips work well with IO products, currently the NFC on Apple's iPhone is ‘locked down’ to work only with ApplePay. By agreeing to continue, you acknowledge this and that this may be subject to change in the future.
  • By using the EIO products, customers acknowledge that for an NFC enabled device to work effectively and retrieve their information from the EIO website, the NFC service needs to be activated on the device and it needs to be connected to the internet.
  • Information Online Solutions will not be liable for the failure of any communications network that somehow restricts information being accessed from a product using an NFC chip Information Online Solutions agree to:
  • Act ethically and responsibly with our customers information
  • Approach any report of a problem, issue, outage, error or failure of the Service in a professional manner.
  • Investigate any problem, issue, outage, error or failure of the Service on your behalf.
  • Endeavor to notify you of any major service outage that we are made aware of, whether planned or unplanned using the email address that you have provided us with upon submitting your Information.
  • Handle customer information with honesty and complete integrity.
  • Consistently strive to improve service features and standards for customers.

If requested by a customer, we can delete all data relating to you.